Unsquare Life represents the new way to communicate in the digital era that, through interactive and immersive design, creates emotional

experiences able to connect the users with the products or projects presented to them.

The purpose of Unsquare Life is to give the possibility to users (private and companies) to have ad hoc and tailor made tools that support the strategic development, marketing and sales


Unsquare Life was born from the experience of Filippo Zordan

who started his studies in the field of Architecture, passing from the Politecnico of Milan to the Universidad Europea de Madrid, he specialized in the study of light design and he arrived to the digital architectural visualization developing specific competences in three-dimensional modeling, rendering and Real-Time.

Filippo Zordan acquires his first competences in Milan in the CZA studio of Cino Zucchi Architetti, in the Archimi studio and in the Natalia Bianchi studio, as Junior Architect and at the Polytechnic of Milan, he gets the assignment of Assistant of the “Geometric Representation of Architecture” Course.

He is very involved in international competitions with excellent results including: a second place in the competition Europan 11 (Victory Runner Up), a first place in the competition “NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest” with Giorgio Gaviraghi, a victory in the competition “Annobooks Architecture” with Giuliana Taggi in Melbourne (AU) and several honorable mentions in various architectural competitions.

He specializes in light design developing at Turn Light in Vicenza lighting design concepts.

After various experiences as interior design, he dedicated himself exclusively to the study of digital visualization and specialized in Unreal Engine 4 with which he created projects through the creation of interactive Apps, Virtual Reality Apps, as well as videos and high definition renderings.

As part of the initiatives promoted by EGInA S.r.l, he wins, with the role of project manager, together with Tjasa Sabonan, the “Best Digital Innovator for Entrepreneurship” award within SHU 2018, with the app in the educational field “The Lost Path”.

He collaborates with Architect Alberto Galindo Munoz in Madrid, Studio Di Manuel Pistore in Vicenza, My Easy Green Design in Milan and Edilfarma S.r.l. in Vicenza for which he makes apps and videos for architecture and interior design projects and with the company Kernel Italia s.r.l. for which he makes videos for service companies.