We’re always looking for new ways to communicate and give a good impression, creating different feelings, new sensations. Giving the final user the possibility to walk/fly around the project, understanding his own way to walk-through it, to give him the possibility to take pictures, to change materials and so changing impression about it because he was living in an immersive virtual experience.

Our approach is not just visual, there are many other factors influencing our process: composition and culture.

The future will be built
on real-time 3D content

The world of work is changing fast. Technology is not only
reshaping the way people do their existing jobs, it’s opening
up a whole world of new ones.

For instance, when we were working on this private apartment, we’ve been facing on how the combination of different elements could stick together, keeping the main structure as it was.

For each element there are multiple actions that the user could do and for each ones, the whole project will have a completely different impression and the user will face it.

And so it is important to know the user history, his preferences, his habits. In this way we could shape and manage the visual work for him and creating new proposals based on his cultural experience.

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